In the global marketplace, distinguishing both products and services through trademarks, such as logos, trade names, or messaging in almost any format imaginable, is awell-worn path to attracting and holding customers.  Whether you are navigating the local or global trademark scene, our trade-mark expertise can help to save time and resources.

Our clients are companies throughout Canada and all over the world.  We represent Canadians before the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) and through associates in countries worldwide to search for and secure their distinctive marks in any or all possible jurisdictions of interest.  We also represent companies outside Canada, coming to us primarily through our network of foreign associate patent agencies and law firms. 

Whether the issue is obtaining trademark protection, enforcing it, or licensing it within or outside Canada, we provide advice and services to the widest range of business of all sizes and in every industry.

We pride ourselves on providing consistent, timely, and professional expertise and judgment, diligent advocacy on behalf of our clients, and all at an affodable cost.